Reoad Bonus 7%
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Great News TMT Players!

TMTCash promises an additional 7% loading credit for DEPOSITIONS.





Disclaimer: Only GCash QR deposits consider 100 as minimum deposit, whereas the others require 300.

Terms and Conditions:

1. All TMTCash Players are these respective bonuses holders.

2. Any player should choose the bonus that will give an option of picking a 7% Reload Bonus individually for every single deposit as this will be credited to their account automatically.

3. What will be promoted will be x5 and these positions will be advertised on the job board, among other places. Such a condition is to be completed in order to obtain the permission for the withdrawal in the first place.


The single deposit of php 300, the redemption of 7%, is PHP 21 with a 5x turnover requirement.

20% player turnover, which makes 405.

4. A player using a hacked or suspected account will not get the bonus to avoid spreading such cheating techniques which can potentially result in a huge loss.

5. Any wagers that are terminated, declined or voided, like a draw results, include into the turnover calculation of valid betting. Therefore, these bets are excluded from the total turnover.

6. If an employee suspects fraudulent activity Manila Play holds the right to suspend all bonuses and winnings received.

7. This promotion may be altered, suspended, or stopped at any time at the sole commandant of TMTCASH.

8. TMTCASH is entitled to the right of interpretation on the usage of this promotion and makes the ultimate decision only.

Maya Load Bonus 10%
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Maya 10% Deposit Bonus


Legible in each community's members due to this bonus.

Read this below and you get your 10% x5 as your extra bonus with x5 as a turnover requirement.

Deposit section is where you need to be *

* MAYA depozit pilihsat.

* Getting 10% Bonus on every successful MAYA payment transfer will be granted instantly.

Terms And Conditions:

1. TMTCash stands to offer all players a 10% Bonus so it's a great time to join.

2. The players go for the MAYA Method and then have to make their choice.

3. The Promotion turnover requirement is x5 fold. This liquidation has to come into play first prior to any devolving is allowed.


The initial deposit can be set for PHP 300 and select 10% interest rate, receive PHP 30 with x5 turnovers needed as requirement.

When the player 's metabolism is 450.

4. Fraudulent players among those having verified, or those who seem to have been committing fraud, won't be eligible for the bonus.

5. There are a number of bets that might be voided, canceled or annulled. These include such bets as draw or exceptional ones. These bets won’t be counted among those that make up valid turnover, and therefore will not be reckoned with later on.

6. Using an electronic payment system; however, in the event that a potential insider activity is discovered, the company is to withhold any bonuses and winnings for their customers.

7. Card holder promo may be repeatedly changed, suspended or terminated at any time, exclusively at the TMS TECH discretion.

8. TMTCASH has all the right to interpret and decide at the end of the contest.

Addl 20% Deposit Bonus
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Addl 20% Deposit Bonus Details
TMT Wheel of Prizes
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TMT Wheel of Prizes Details

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